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I know that the importance of quality photography for your wedding day cannot be overstated. I know that you've spent months planning your wedding, weeks working on the details, and countless hours coordinating between all your vendors. And despite all your preparation, there is always the lingering worry that something might go wrong on your wedding day.

I know that of all the things you have to worry about on that day, the photography and your photographers should be the last things you have to worry about. And to confound this, that it's incredibly difficult to find the right photographer, let alone to find one within your budget.

That's why I'm committed and try my absolute hardest to make your wedding photography experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. And that's why I put our brand's promise in writing. We at eggsposure photography promise to always:

Be mindful of the schedule of your event and your time with your guests.

Be conscious of where we stand and not block any of your guests.

Be as least disruptive as possible but still capture all the details of the day.

Be mindful of your budget and to absolutely work within your comfort levels.

Offer a complete refund of the photography cost if you are in any way unsatisfied with the work (and you can still keep the photos and the reprinting rights).

Be prepared for anything that may happen!

I do photography for the joys and memories it brings to others, and I take it as an immense honor to be selected to be a part of and to capture such a significant experience in your lives -- to be the one responsible for documenting such an important day that happens only once between the two of you.

Because of that honor, I give every wedding my absolute attention and dedication. I love to move with the flow of events as they unfold, focusing on capturing emotions and expressions, and am always anticipating the next photo before it happens. And because of that honor, I do not see you as just another client, but instead as a friend who has trusted me with a great responsibility.

Ultimately when choosing your photographer, I believe that you're not just choosing the kinds of photos you'll receive, but you're also choosing someone (or some people) who can have a great impact on the experience of your wedding day.

And that's why my team and I look forward to positively and memorably impacting your wedding day too.

-James Tsui
Lead Photographer, Founder
eggsposure photography

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