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How does the pricing work?

All photography packages are priced hourly, and include everything listed on the Pricing page. Portrait sessions are available in 30, 60, 90, or 120 minute packages, and I only book one outdoor portrait session per day (about 1-1.5 hours before sunset or after sunrise, depending on the location, for optimal lighting conditions). Wedding and event packages are priced hourly (maximum of 14 hours of coverage per day), prorated in 15 minute increments to best suit your needs. Most couples book between 6 - 9 hours for wedding coverage.

Do I get the digital files from my session?

Yes! The photography fee is all inclusive for getting the post-processed, color corrected, cropped/straightened, full resolution (up to 45 megapixels) digital files (JPGs). All photography packages include a full reprinting release for the photos from your session, which means that you're free to download and share the photos however you like. You can download the images to make your own prints and albums. If you'd like, you can purchase prints from the online gallery directly (optional), or you can work with me to have professional, hand-crafted albums created. Note that light retouching (removing blemishes, whitening teeth, whitening eyes, removing distracting objects, etc.) is available at an extra cost for digital delivery images, and free for images in physical print albums. I do not offer extensive retouching such as changing your body shape, changing your facial expression, or excessive wrinkle removal; please contact a retouching specialist for any specialized retouching needs.

How many photos should I expect to receive?

While I cannot guarantee the quantity of photos you'll receive, I do guarantee the quality. I want you to have every single great picture that we get, and I don't restrict edits or delivery to any number. Nonetheless, you should expect to receive a lot of great photos.🙂

When can I expect to receive my photos?

For weddings, I guarantee within 2 months of your wedding date. For engagement/portrait/event shoots, I guarantee within 2 months but typically they are delivered within 1 week per hour of shooting. So a 2 hour birthday shoot would typically be delivered within 2 weeks or sooner.

How does the money back guarantee work for weddings?

After I've finished editing your wedding photos, you'll receive the final set of images as Photo Proofs delivered to you in an online gallery (unwatermarked, lower resolution: 1080 pixels high images for web viewing). If you're unsatisfied with the Photo Proofs, let me know in writing within 14 days of receiving the gallery. If we can't work out a resolution, then you're entitled to a full refund of your photography costs (less the enagement session and any pre-paid ravel costs), and you can keep all the Photo Proofs from the online gallery! Once the Final Photos (full resolution) images are unlocked, the money back guarantee no longer applies.

Why do you offer a money back guarantee for weddings?

I know what a huge investment and risk you are taking when choosing your wedding photographer. After all, you really only get one shot at choosing. That's why I want you to be fully confident with choosing us to capture your momentous ocassion, and stands true to our philosophy.

How far in advance do I need to book with you?

The earlier the better; I shoot a very limited number of weddings per year, so shorter notice reduces availability guarantee. Most clients secure their reservation 9-18 months prior to their wedding date, and 12-24 months out for destination weddings. Portrait and engagement sessions generally book out about 2-6 months in advance.

How would you describe your photography style (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)?

I have a strong photojournalistic style, with a focus on capturing expressions and emotion. I strive for very natural photos with clean, undistracting backgrounds that emphasize the moment and the people.

How would you describe your working style?

For weddings, my general preference is to work in the background to let you enjoy your event as much as possible. I do choreographed shots based on your needs. I'll set up lighting as necessary, but will generally try to minimize using flash if possible to avoid disruptions and distractions to you and your guests. Check out my reviews to see what others have to say; I've been called a "photographic ninja" 🐱‍👤 on numerous occasions.

Do you outsource or subcontract any of the shoots or editing?

No! Absolutely everything is done in-house by me as the primary photographer and editor. Second shooters/assistants for weddings are only those who I've regularly worked with in the past, and I will edit their shots to ensure a consistent style throughout your set. No matter who you hire for your photography, make sure you know who is doing your shooting, culling, and editing!

What area do you serve?

I primarily work around the greater Denver area, the San Francisco bay area, and have covered weddings all around the United States and Asia. I do love to travel for weddings and engagements, and depending on the season, travel fees may be discounted or even completely waived!

Are you photographing other weddings on the same day/weekend as my wedding?

No, we only photograph one wedding per weekend. This ensures that we are well rested and prepared to focus on just your event, especially if travel is involved.

Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos at the event?

Yes! However, if possible, other people should refrain from taking any flash photography as it can interfere with our photos and our own lighting.

Can I preview the contract and policies (on things such as cancellation and rescheduling)?

Yes! Please contact us for the latest copy.

Can I purchase gift someone a portrait session?

Yes! We offer gift certificates for portrait sessions in increments of 30 minutes. Gift certificates are valid for 2 years and are also transferable. They are the perfect gift for newly engaged couples, expecting families, holiday gifts, birthdays, graduations, and more. Contact us for more details!

You say "we" a lot -- who is the "we" in eggsposure?

"We" generally refers to my team at eggsposure -- this includes myself (James) and typically one or more of my assistants or second photographers. On larger shoots that require more coverage, this would include any other photographers/assistants working for eggsposure.

Can I have all the photos from the shoot? Can I have the RAW or unedited files?

Unfortunately that is not a service we provide. If you are specifically looking for a photographer who can provide all the photos and/or the "raw"/unedited photos, you may be looking for a "work-for-hire" or independent contractor photographer who will also give you the copyright to their images taken. Note that the pricing structure may be very different for "work-for-hire" work. With any photographer, make sure to review any and all contracts so that you are clear on the deliverables and terms!

Note that for weddings, while we do try to get a great photo of each guest in attendance (though not guaranteed), sometimes a guest may be missed in the final cut. Please feel free to ask for photos of a specific guest that might have been missed in the final delivery and I can double check to see if we have a deliverable photo of them.

My venue requires vendors to have business (liability) insurance — are you able to provide proof of insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured with business liability insurance coverage through Hill & Usher and can provide certificates of insurance as needed.

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